Baron Gallery | Venue for the Artists

Paul Baron von Urban, President of Baron, recently completed renovations at the furniture manufacturing and showroom facilities. These renovations were designed to be simple and functional, yet required an elegant setting for the interior designers and architects to bring their clients.

While final construction on the showroom was taking place, Paul attended an art viewing in the lobby of a new hi-rise building featuring work from a variety of artists. Aside from appreciating the artwork, it was at this event that Paul began to recognize the lengths some artists would go to find a suitable venue to display their work to the world, and he took it to heart. Equipped with a core belief in giving back to the community, and a newly renovated 2000 sq ft showroom with bare walls, it wasn't much of a stretch to piece together the idea that he would transform the showroom into a gallery for both artists and his furniture. After all, crafting furniture is an art-form unto itself.

The Main and Grande Galleries- equipped with AV system and lighting provide for a comfortable space for a variety of creative expressions; including photography, painting, sculptures, movie screening, and fashion shows.

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