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Artist: Jaime Vasquez

 My works proceed a long and strict thematic and technical study along my 29 years since 1980, when I studied at the National School of Fine Arts (Peru), from here my pictorial creations developed 9 periods to the present time, "Agony in the Port" 1981, "Waves of Mystery" 1985, "Wings of the Time" 1988, "Paradigms in the Time" 1994, "Utopias" 1996, "Spiritual Archeology” 1997 Sensitive relief of the Spirit" 2001," Construction of Dreams" 2004.  Each period has a main protagonist, the man and his environment, a supreme theme through metaphors, supported in an exacting processing of the technical conception, as for light, color, structures and pictorial matter in their diverse possibilities.  The general conception is fundamentally classical, focusing themes of the mythology and the universal history, trasmutada in actuality.  It  can be said that my work is inserted in a neon contemporary symbolism. 

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