Baron Gallery | Our Mission

When Baron first chose to open its showroom to host artistic events, the initial drive in doing so was to lend support to artists by offering a suitable venue without the concerns of exorbitant fees or added costs. For Baron, this was “our” way of giving back to the community and for the artists it was an opportunity to display their artistic expressions to the world. It was a win-win scenario.

However, in hosting the various art shows, film screenings, and benefits at Baron, we have come to appreciate how the energy- manifested by these events- has added a new component to our mission. In essence, these events have a greater purpose to serve. This purpose has to be greater than Baron, the artist, and those who come to our events. Combined, all of us can create an event that should - and can - have a positive impact to our communities, humanitarian and / or environmental causes.. making this truly a win-win-win scenario.

While our goal has been, and will continue to be, to support the arts and artists of our community, our mission now is to embrace that greater purpose and inspire those artists to develop events that not only serve as a venue to showcase their expressions of art, but also serves as platform in recognition of that “special cause”.