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Artist: Jorge Posada

There are very important series in my artwork: The Missing, The Exodus, Animus Corpus to name some of them. They are my vision of the real or metaphorical displacements and disappearances of individuals and entire populations, so common in our time by the fact of the human being becoming an anonymous number in the vast and amorphous reality of the modern city. We lack the perception of one another in front of our own ayes or we perceive the other fellow humans, just as a blurry presence, an insinuation of a human form, unapproachable in its continuous exodus from one place to another. We have become missing as individuals, we have negated each other, and we have expatriated each other. I create compositions where form is in constant flux, always becoming, changing into alternative spaces that allow ephemeral escapes through a geography of planes that could also be mental spaces. The body then is a semi-abstract presence, a vital pulsation, a heart becoming, propelled by its owncentrifugal force. The body seeks refuge in the plane, inhabits it and escapes it almost immediately.The amorphous presences in my compositions are, then, phantasmagorias, lost identities, and a pictorial space of forgetfulness.

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